8 Best Backyard Chicken Breeds For Eggs | You Need To Know

An egg is one of the healthiest food found on earth. However, what Is healthier is a fresh supply of it every day. And same is the reason many people like to keep chicken breeds in their backyard. 

Selecting the right chicken breed is extremely important as it profoundly impacts the number of eggs laid each year. For instance, Japanese bantams lay no eggs, whereas certain species lay eggs near 300 each year.

Thus, if you choose the right chicken breed, you can have a high supply of eggs without flooding your backyard with tons and tons of chicken. Plus you also save a lot of money.

But now, the question is, “What are those chicken breeds?” well! If you are also the one among many searching for answers to the same question, then look no further, as you have already landed on the right page.


Best Backyard Chicken Breeds For Eggs

1. White leghorn


Leghorn is a group of chicken breeds that are known for laying a good amount of eggs. However, the white leghorn tops the list for many reasons. This chicken breed lays about 280 to 290 large white eggs in a whole year, which means 4 or 5 eggs each week.  The same is the reason that white leghorn is considered a firm favorite of industrial poultry concerns.

This chicken breed was born from a small landrace chicken in the Tuscany region of Italy. White leghorn is an intelligent breed that can live in the rural environment as well. Also, they are good flyers and can roost in trees ( if allowed to do so). However, the only downside that this breed has is, they can be a bit noisy.

White leghorn has not been observed to suffer from any significant disease. However, you may have to invest in a jar of Vaseline in the winter season. 

2. Rhode Island Red


Rhode Island Red is an American chicken breed that is also the state bird for Rhode Island.  It is just a breathtakingly unique breed as one can use it for dual purposes: Ie eggs and meat.  

 Furthermore, the Rhode Island Red is also excellent free-range birds and penned chicken as well. The chicken breed has been observed to be a bit bossy for the small-sized chicken.

When it comes to eggs, the Rhode Island Red is just amazing at it. They produce about 5 to 6 eggs each week, about 200 to 300 eggs each year.

 The breed starts to lay eggs after 18 to 20 weeks of birth ( some also begin within 16 weeks). These eggs are medium to large in size and light brown in color. A female Rhode Island Red weighs about 6.5 lbs in general.

One thing to consider here is that the female Rhode Island Red is even-tempered. However, the roosters can be a bit aggressive. Thus you may have to look after the backyard at least twice a day.

3. Ameraucana  


More popularly known as the “Easter Egg Chicken,” the Ameraucana is a fun bird to have in your backyard for the egg. The most impressive part of having easter egg chicken is that it lays multi-colored eggs. Amazing, right?

The reason behind these multi-colored eggs is that the breed is born out of a blue egg-laying chicken.  Again, the species is a dual purpose which means, it is raised for both meat and eggs. The egg color ranges from different shades of blue to white.

The Ameraucana chicken likes to be free and find her food and is well suited to be kept in a backyard because of its docile nature. Also, the chicken breed behaves well with small children.

The egg production is 3 to 4 eggs a week, which equals 400 to 500 eggs a year. They can make a living in diverse climates. However, the cold environment best suits them because of the pea comb.

Moreover, they weigh about 5 to 7 lbs, and the life span ranges from 7 to 8 years ( which is a decent span).

4. Golden Laced Wyandottes

golden -Laced- Wyandottes

This chicken breed is fairly more significant in size than that of others. It means the massive size of a fresh egg on your breakfast table every day.

The golden laced wyandottes are one of the most beautiful chicken breeds across the globe. And their sweet and gentle nature makes them just perfect to be kept in an urban backyard.

 The breed produces about 200 medium-sized brown eggs a year and weighs about 6 lbs. An average female Golden Laced Wyandottes breed takes about 18 to 20 weeks to start laying eggs.

The breed does not suffer from any significant health problems. However, it cannot survive in a sweltering climate and need a proper shading system and water pond to maintain the temperature.

5. Barred Plymouth Rock


So, the Barred Plymouth Rock is next on the list. This breed is probably the sweetest and most friendly egg-laying chicken out of the whole list. Thus, you should go for the Barred Plymouth Rock if you have small children or a huge family.

This chicken breed integrates well into another flock of birds which is nothing but a plus point.  The annual egg production of barred Plymouth rock is approximately 280 to 290 eggs. Furthermore, their weight ranges from 6 to 6.5 labs and life spans from 6 to 7 years. The breed is observed to be friendly In nature. However, it does not likes to be touched or picked up.

6. Auestralorp


Auestralorp is a human-friendly chicken breed that is well known for its high amount of egg production. In addition, the Auestralops is perfect for you in case you are a beginner.

However, the breed is a bit complicated and naughty in nature. The Auestralorp likes to bully other chickens and even can eat their eggs. Thus it Is recommended to keep them in a separate nest.

Apart from this, they produce 270 to 300 eggs per year. A female Auestralorp starts to make eggs within 17 to 19 weeks after its hatch.

7. New Hampshire Red

New Hampshire Red

Last but not least, new Hampshire red is next on the list. The breed is noticed to be cold, complex, and broody. However, lays a good number of eggs each year.

An average female chicken is expected to lay 200 to 250 eggs per year. Furthermore, one can raise them for meat as well. Their life span ranges from 6 to 8 years, and they start to lay eggs after 18 weeks of their hatch.

8. Sussex

sussex chicken

Sussex is another popular chicken breed that is expected to

lay about 250 to 270 eggs in a whole year. The egg color ranges from creamy brown to pale white. Furthermore, it is also raised for meat.


When talking about character, this breed is calm and friendly in nature and likes to be free. Sussex is a breed that doesn’t mind hand feeding. The most fun part of this breed is that it is available in 8 different colors, out of which bright white with a deep black neck and feathers is the most common type. 


Thus knowing the right kind of chicken breed can aid a lot in multiplying the number of eggs up to the possible extent. We have listed the best chicken breeds to keep in the backyard for eggs or Meat above for your ease.

Hence, now that you have a list of the best chicken breeds for eggs, along with all of their essential details, you are all good to make your first purchase. Rest, we wish you the best of luck.