STHIL Ms 261 Vs Ms 362 | Which One To Buy [2023]


The Stihl MS 261 and MS 362 are both professional-grade chainsaws that are popular among forestry workers, arborists, and woodcutters. They are known for their durability, reliability, and power, making them ideal tools for tackling tough cutting jobs. The MS 261 is a mid-sized chainsaw that is powered by a 50.2 cc two-stroke engine and … Read more

What Is a Chainsaw Porting | Is It Worth It [2023]


What is a chainsaw Porting? A “ported” chainsaw refers to a chainsaw that has had its internal combustion engine modified by adding one or more ports, or openings, in the cylinder wall. These ports allow for the intake and exhaust of fuel and air, which can affect the performance of the chainsaw. Porting is often … Read more