What is a rick of wood? Rick vs Cord

If you’re new to purchasing Firewood, you may be curious about what all of those names are that you hear like cord, face cord, half cords, quarter face, quarter cord, and eighth of a cord.

These are all types of titles for the respective forms of firewood that retailers can market.

Rick of Firewood

A rick of wood is a Pile of firewood that’s 8 feet long and 4 feet tall. It can be provided in several different widths based on which firewood supplier you select. The widths can differ based on neighborhood markets, area, or provider also.

A face Cord or Rick is available in 12-inch,16-inch, 24-inch options.

The most common type of firewood Logs is 16in.                                         

If You know about different Wood Bundle sizes. it’s better for you to bargain well with your firewood supplier.

What is a rick 

‘’Rick’’ is derived from The English word ‘hreac’ which refers to a stack or pile. mostly used for Hay, corn or wood outdoor.

Now this name commonly used in the united States.  

How Much Is a Rick of Firewood?

what is a rick of wood

To know How much is a rick of wood first you know about a cord of firewood a cord is commonly measured in 4 feet tall 4 feet wide and 8 feet long Total volume of 128 cubic feet.

Rick is a small Portion of a cord

12 in. wide rick is = ¼  of a cord of wood

16 in. wide rick is =1/3 of a cord of wood

24 in. wide rick is = ½ of a cord of wood

How Many Ricks in a Cord of Wood?

The length of the logs dictates how much wood you get. If the logs are cut 16 inches long and are stacked 4 feet Tall by 8 feet long, a rick will be 1/3 of a cord.

If these same logs were cut 24 inches long, the rick would equal 1/2 cord. So the length of the logs directly impacts the amount of wood you get.

This type of measurement is called a Face cord.

The total volume of a cord is 128 cubic feet the amount of solid wood in a cord is depend on the size of the pieces. for firewood, it averages 85 cubic feet.

How much is a rick of wood cost?

The price of a rick of wood differs from one area to another. In Every Location Different Term Used for a Rick of wood like face cord, stove cord, and furnace wood .which mean one pile or stack of wood 4ft. Tall. 8 ft. long using one bit shorter than 4 ft.

A standard cord of wood available from $225 to $225.

If you order timber on the phone make sure the wood is piled racked and well stowed after it’s delivered so that you can measure the stacked wood and understand just how much what delivered.


Will a Rick of Wood Fit in a Pickup?

It depends on the size of pick up an 8-foot truck bed can hold one-half of a cord while a 6-foot bed can barely hold one-third of a cord.

But a full cord of wood is impossible to fit in a pickup truck because it has a volume of 128 cubic feet and weighs about 4500 to 5000 Pounds on Average.

How long will a rick of wood last?

It depends on your area, climate, size of your home and insulation of your home, and Density of wood you use. 

If your Primary source of Heating is wood then a rick of wood should last in between  6 to 10 weeks. and you need a full cord of wood for the whole winter season. this will help Heat small and medium-sized homes throughout the season.


It depends on the density of wood a dense wood weighs around 5500 pounds per cord.

A low-density rick of wood can weigh 625 pounds and a High density weigh around 2750 pounds.   

Face cord vs Full cord  

A Face cord is a 4ft high 8 ft wide stack of wood. A Face Cord only corresponds to the facial area of the stack not the depth. Typically a face cord is one log deep so between 16”-18”. It is important to know the difference because if you ask for a “full cord” you will get a 4ft high 4ft deep 8 ft wide amount of wood. This can be 4 times the amount of a “face cord”

When buying wood always check if it is a “full” or a “face” cord you are buying. To ensure your getting the correct quantity. When comparing your wood supplier I suggest you take a tape measure to check the length of the log.

There are numerous names for wood stacks and sizes and different sellers may cut their logs to different lengths so please use the example below as a method of comparing prices.

Typically all stacks are 4ft high by 8ft wide. (confirm this with your seller)

The main issue is how deep is the wood stack or how long is the log.

3 different vendors could provide the wood in either 12,16 or 18-inch lengths.

Assuming you are going to buy a “full Cord” i.e. 4ft x 4ft x 8ft.

Divide the 48” of the full cord depth by the length of the log. Then multiply by the price.

E.g. 48” / 12” = 4 multiplied by $50 = $200

Compared to a vendor selling 18” logs at $90

48”/ 18” = 2.67 multiplied by $90 = $240

By using this method you can see that the 12” logs are cheaper than the 18” logs.

It is also important if you are buying a firewood rack to ensure that it is to the correct dimensions of either a face or a full cord. Check the details on the site you buy from it should highlight the measure.

Once you have found a reliable vendor, stick with them. Certainly compare pricing to other companies using the technique shown. A good lumber seller, that provides a good price and a good quality log is someone you should stay with.