How to Get Rid of Oak Mites in the Yard [Update 2024]


What is Oak Mites

Oak Mites are Very Small Microscopic Parasites You May Not Be Able To see These Mites Without Normal Microscope Because They are So Small and located in oak trees. Every year by the end of summer and fall They started Falling in this season which is so harmful and itchy at the same time. So below, you will get to know how to get rid of oak mites.

What are Galls

Oak mites live in the Galls. They are small brown shaded, look like a small ball Hang like fruit, and look like a peach. It usually appears so casually. If you find them, just remove or destroy them immediately. That would help a lot to Get rid of Oak mites.

How to Get Rid of Oak Mites

How long is oak mite season

From Late July To Early Fall Oak Mites Are Drop From Trees After Completing Their Development.

How long can oak mites live on clothing

Oak Mites Can Remain On Clothes For A few Days So Its Very Important To Laundry Your Clothes With Detergent And Hot Water As soon as Possible.

How do oak Mites Migrate

After summer, they start falling downwards rapidly, as if there is some race between them. There is research that claims that more than 250-000 mites fall from oak trees every day. In the shape, it looks like tiny reptiles or snails. They spread from place to place as they also can fly, known as airborne as well

Not only they are harmful to the trees and their surrounding areas. But also for human skin. It stays for some time wherever it falls. Makes the soil rough. In the case of humans, it mostly stays on the neck and arms.


  • Itchiness.
  • Redness.
  • Reduce the softness in the skin.
  • Makes it dry.
  • It fuses in the blood and makes skin swollen.

At Least, it remains for 70 hours. If it is your home, body, or any place.

How to Identify Oak Mites

If you come up with the question, how to identify oak mites, whereas they are not visible. So, when the leaves of oak trees become more brownish with dark edges, that’s the indication. If this happens, there might be oak mites.

As it is mentioned before, oak mites are most active in late summer, the increase in their growth is so fast. At some point, it seems impossible to stop it. Their reproduction system is very strong.

How to treat oak mite bites

Oak mite bites are so itchy and make your skin uncomfortable at the same time. There is not any specific medicine for it yet. But you can use soothing lotion, anti-allergic cream, and caramel lotion which is curable. Naturally, it takes 7 to 10 days to recover. But these lotions may help you to recover in just 70 hours.

How to Get Rid of Oak Mites

As you read earlier, to Destroy the Galls. When you remove the Galls from your tree, seal them with an eliminated white sheet. Throw them in the trash, so they would not spread in the surroundings.

If you are realistic you might know how much it is difficult to remove oak mites from your yard. Especially if you are not aware if they are at your place or not. First thing first you have to know that they exist in your yard?

Then you can take the next precautions. When summer is leaving at the time of August, their growth becomes so much that it becomes even impossible to count them through a microscope.

The most effective method is to spray them. But only hire professionals. You have to make your focus on Galls. You can’t spray the whole tree. This can destroy its roots. The spray can be effective if it can go inside the galls, as mites are inside it.

If you talk about products in the market. Then there are so many. Some of them are effective and the rest of them might not help you. Other than a spray, products are very helpful, they do inside the galls to kill the oak mites. Specifically, without affecting the rest of the tree. But you can’t find them in every region. As it is available at some places but not in others.

So you have to take necessary precautions every year in late summer to make sure the protection of your yard.

  • You can use insect killer sprays, which are available everywhere.
  • If galls are shown, make sure to destroy them at the moment with no remaining trash.

The most effective and appreciative way is to damage the Galls and lock them up in a bag and throw them in the trash. Make sure to not let them escape.

You can stop watering the plants or trees, which are showing galls. This way you are stopping their food. Which will weaken them and will remove them naturally from the trees. Their growth is so fast. But it will make them inactive in less than 48 hours.

Before the arrival of summer, make sure that your leaves and stems are clean and clear. Safe them from dust. For instant security, you can slightly wrap them up as well, with a hole in it. The air passage will continue and can help you to be safe from mighty oak mites.

What repels oak mites

To Repels Oak Mites Use Bug Spray And Wear Long Sleeves Whenever You Go Outside Your Home.


Make sure that you are wearing disposable clothes while cleaning and sealing the oak mites in your yard.

Take Off those clothes. And try to take a hot long shower. It will help you to clean each part of your body. Oak mites do remain on the body and burrow inside the skin. Experts say it can stay for more than 75 hours (3.5 days) on your body.

It can cause Itchiness and allergic reactions. After the shower, apply anti-allergic cream on your body, especially your arms and neck.

Final Words

Oak mites are something, which is a natural process that happens in summer every year. You can’t stop it. But surely can follow all the precautions which are written above. Do follow them and hire professionals. It will help you remove oak mites in the yard.



Do oak mites bite dogs?

Normally Oak Mites Are Not Bite Dogs Intentionally Which makes them harder to deal with. 

How long do Oak mites itch?
oak mites Itch Usually Lasts one to two weeks.