Is Walnut Good Firewood ? Complete Guide [2023]

We all want woods to burn and keep the home temperature Warm in winters. However, you can’t burn every wood in any condition. It needs to be dry and safe for human health after burning into ash.

So, winter is around the corner, and we need to prepare to deal with the chilly weather of this season. Walnut firewood is attractive, but can we burn it? Is it good firewood? Is it safe? What is the right season for walnuts?

Don’t worry. We are here to hold you back. You will find out everything below related to walnut firewood.


is Walnut Good Firewood

Walnut wood has low and medium density, giving it an appealing aroma, so it is a great choice to burn at home.

The BTUs Value is Not Good Such as Oak but It burns Clean.

You will get a plank of wood after cutting a single walnut tree. It is excellent firewood that is safe and clean to burn because you will not have messy smoke after burning it.

Moreover, it dries quickly, so it’s easy to burn.


Every firewood is different as some have a rotten smell, but others have toxic ingredients that are tough to dry.

However, walnuts look like an excellent option for firewood.

However, the walnut wood is slightly lower than the oak and other hardwoods. So the only problem that you may find in walnut firewood is its splitting.

But it depends on the moisture factor of walnut wood. Let the walnut wood dry out, and then try to split it.



You will notice the difference in it as compared to breaking the wet walnut wood. Moreover, they prefer choosing the electric wood splitter to manual splitting.

It will make your life easy.


Seasoning time for walnut Firewood

Walnut is perfect for firewood, but you need to ensure perfectly Dried and doesn’t have any moisture. If there is any moisture or the walnut wood is slightly wet, you have to face two significant issues.

  •         It will give you a tough time while splitting
  •         Don’t take fire instantly and create more smoke

So ensure that wood is entirely dry before starting to burn it. One of the common questions regarding it is how long does it take to season the walnut firewood?

It would help if you kept some facts in your mind that its moisture content is lower than 20% for having excellent burning performance.

Walnut firewood takes more than a year to become dry enough for burning.

So you also need to look for the old walnut firewood or give it a year to become dry enough.

It helps you know that walnut firewood is ready to burn and catch fire quickly without making any mess.

Moreover, dry walnut wood will give you a long burning time and more heat than wet or moist wood. So keep in mind that proper seasoning is a must for burning the walnut wood.

Give the appropriate time to walnut for seasoning before burning.  Allow the walnut firewood to stay in the sun for a year.

Then, it will quickly make it dry and make it ready for burning.

If you want to check its moisture level, then you can do it with the moist meter. There is a wide variety of moist meters available that you can choose and check the moisture of your walnut firewood.

BTU Rating of Walnut Firewood

BTU rating is one of the essential ratings in wood. So when you select the firewood, you need to spend some time analyzing your wood BTU ratings. It is the critical rating that helps you know how your wood will burn.

If your firewood has high ratings, then it will burn tremendously and give more heat. Similarly, the lower BTU rating means low heat and difficult burning. So pay significant attention to your firewood BTU rating.

However, you may think that everything has an average value, so what is the average BTU of walnut firewood? So checking the BTU is a unique method that demands your attention.

When the spectrum has a higher value or is on a higher side, the wood has a lower BTU value. Read carefully according to proper guidelines.

Walnut always has higher BTU than the softwoods, pine, and fur. But as compared to other hardwoods, walnut has lower BTU like oak and other hardwoods. However, walnut firewood still produces enough heat.

If you compare it with the other hardwoods, it may have some deficiencies, but it is still one of the best firewood.

What makes walnuts make good firewood?

We all know that finding the best firewood is not less than a challenge. Some firewoods are great and give a significant amount of heat but smell awful, some are difficult to burn, and some create a mess in the home after burning. So it is essential to choose the firewood carefully.

Among many hardwoods, walnut is excellent firewood. If you have a walnut tree, it will give you a massive amount of wood upon cutting.  So it is a significant source of firewood that offers many more benefits than others.

Burn clean


Walnut firewood burns clean without making any mess and awful smells. Some hardwoods are messy on burning that they spread terrible smells in the home and produce less heat.

However, walnut firewood is excellent in this regard.


Walnut firewood has a moderate density that produces a good aroma and significant heat on burning.

Both these factors collectively make it good firewood for your homes.

Less BTU Than Other Hardwood

Some People may consider it an issue in selecting the walnut as firewood. This is because it has a lower BTU rate than other hardwoods.

But it is still excellent firewood like others, including oak.

Oak has a higher BTU rate than walnut wood. However, some hardwoods also have lower BTU than walnut tree, including pine and fir.

So it is the better option and becomes excellent firewood.

Significant heat

Walnut hardwood produces fine heat on burning and normalizes the home temperature in cold weather. Still, its heat is less than some other hardwoods that have a higher BTU value.

However, these trees are not for firewood, so walnuts gain popularity and become the best firewood.

Different qualities of walnut firewood

Walnut tree wood is excellent, and high-value lumber is commonly used and harvested for furniture. It is a precious tree that gives fine quality furnishing and is available in the market as per foot measurements.

Walnut grown in urban areas has less superior qualities as they are short and defined by its branches. So these walnut woods come for firewood, and they have lesser quality. However, even if it has fewer quality ratios, it burns well and doesn’t emit lousy smoke.

Moreover, walnut trees have different types, like white and black walnut trees. The black walnut firewood gives higher heat intensities similar to high-quality firewood like oak. It also warms the place quicker than the urban walnut firewood.

Furthermore, if we talk about the overall walnut trees, it is best for firewood with a decent scent and good heat.

Smoke of walnut firewood

So it is clear that walnuts are excellent and reliable firewood. The walnut firewood burns quickly only if it is seasoned for more than a year and dried adequately.

It doesn’t smoke more that can tear your eyes like some softwoods. It has a tiny amount of smoke that depends on the type of walnut wood.

However, if you burn the green walnut, you may face the thick smoky clouds harmful to the skin. So instead, find the black or brown walnut wood for burning and never burn green walnuts as it can damage your health.

Smell of walnut firewood

The best part is that walnut firewood creates a pleasant and soothing smell. It smells like nuts when burned.

Some users said that it smells like roasted chestnuts. So you can burn walnut firewood if you want to get the pleasant smell in your home.


it is clear that walnuts are excellent firewood. You may think that it is not excellent firewood due to low BTU ratings. However, the low BTU value of walnut is not an issue as it burns very well with a great smell and a significant amount of heat.