Orcc Trampoline Reviews [2023]

ORCC Trampolines offers reasonable rates on high-quality trampolines for the backyard that can be used by both children and adults. They claim that customer satisfaction and safety are their number one priority.

If you are interested in purchasing a new trampoline, there is a wide variety of high-quality products are available. If it comes to selecting the ideal trampoline to fulfill your requirements, there is no clear answer present.

It all boils down to the things that truly matter to you and what might function best in the circumstances that you find yourself in.

In this ORCC trampoline Reviews, I’ll be going over some of the different features that the company has to offer.

As we go through this ORCC trampoline analysis, we will become more familiar with the various characteristics that set this trampoline apart from the competition. , such as the overall design, the weight capacity, and the bounce.


Orcc Trampoline Features 

First, let’s have a look at the basic features of Orcc trampolines. ORCC trampolines are built in a manner that is essentially the same regardless of the size that you decide to purchase.

The following are important characteristics of these trampolines:

  • A jumping surface that is resistant to ultraviolet light and can withstand the sun for a longer period of time. You won’t need to change it very frequently, if at all, as a result of this fact.
  • Heavy-gauge springs that measure seven inches and are constructed to be rust-resistant while also providing a significant amount of bounce.
  • ORCC trampolines frames can support up to a total of 108 springs, that’s more than what other manufacturers supply. 
  • A heavy-duty frame manufactured from rust-resistant, galvanized steel. This contributes to providing a surface that has a higher bounce and is more stable.

Are Orcc Trampolines safe?

As mentioned earlier, the company claims that safety and protection are their first priority. They guarantee the product’s safety by conducting exhaustive tests on both the material’s structural design and the chemical makeup of the substance.

Because their trampoline and all of its accessories are TUV certified, a German company that offers inspection and production certification services, it is safe for children to use.

ORCC manufactures all of its trampolines and accessories.

And after testing and analyzing, we found out many things which we are going to discuss in this section.

The springs’ protective padding plays a significant part in the overall safety of the product. The children are protected not just from getting spring punches, but also from other potential dangers and threats.

Therefore, there is no possibility of suffering an injury.

In addition to providing bounce, the quantity of springs that are included in the package is another factor that contributes to the trampoline’s overall safety.

In addition to this, the rods of the trampoline are cushioned with a dense foam, so jumping on it is completely risk-free. As a consequence of this, they will prevent the children from hitting their heads against the rough pole.

The fact that it has been approved by TUV is a significant benefit, as this makes the level of safety significantly higher than that of other competitors.

The term “such certification” refers to an in-depth evaluation of the trampoline’s structural design as well as the chemical make-up of its components in order to ensure that it provides an adequate level of protection across the board.

This is one of the reasons that prompted us to write these trampoline evaluations for ORCC.


How Many Shapes and Sizes Available in Orcc Trampolines?

The following shapes and sizes are available in Orcc Trampolines:

Out-net Trampoline


In-net Trampoline


Basketball Trampoline


Kids Trampoline



What is the weight limit of Orcc Trampolines?

The trampoline has a jumping mat that is 8.7 feet long and has the capacity to support about 330 pounds. As a consequence of this, it is an excellent option for the parents as well as the children.

The fact that it could withstand abuse without losing its quality earned it a resounding endorsement from the parents.

Orcc Trampolines Setup and Assembly

Trampoline Assembling could be a bit challenging for you. Customers have been quite frustrated by the lengthy assembly process, which typically took several hours.

The nicest part about it, though, is that in addition to the frame, mat, and enclosure net, it also comes with springs and a spring pad. This means that you won’t have to buy any other components separately.

You will receive a galvanized steel ladder that, despite its claims to be sturdy, the quality of which you may or may not find satisfactory. You will also receive a rain cover with this purchase.

The trampoline will be protected from light rain and moderate dust with its help. Therefore, the longevity of the trampoline has once again been secured.

In addition to that, it comes with wind stakes in the shape of a U, bolts, two pairs of gloves, and two spring pull tools.

However, in addition to that, you will also receive an instruction manual, although you might find it difficult to understand.

Are upper Orcc Trampolines bouncy?

The jumping area of the trampoline measures 10 feet in diameter, while the mat measures 8.7 feet. Although the mat can bounce thanks to its stretchiness, the springs in it throw off the equilibrium.

You will receive a total of 60 pairs of springs for the trampoline, which will allow it to bounce even higher than comparable trampolines on the market.

The credit should also go to the material that was used for the springs.

Because it is a large trampoline, jumping on it can help improve coordination, agility, and balance. It is also a great source of physical activity because it helps strengthen the legs and knees.

Additionally, both the children and the adults will enjoy bouncing on it due to the additional health benefits and enjoyment that it provides.

On the other hand, adults can find it to be somewhat more difficult to move around in compared to children, but this is not a major issue.

What Accessories Do Orcc Trampolines Have?

The following safety accessories are included with the shipment of every ORCC trampoline: 

  • A heavy-duty ladder that allows for safer entry and exit.
  • An enclosure made out of safety nets; 
  • A rain cover;
  • Wind stakes;
  • Safety pads.


Things We Like:

  • The galvanization process prevents rust from forming on the trampoline, which is made possible by the high quality of both the frame and the jumping mat.
  • The number of springs and how stretchy the mat is both contribute to how bouncier it is.
  • Medical benefits have been guaranteed.
  • The presence of TUV certificates ensures the highest level of safety.
  • The kids are protected from injury with a padded spring cover and padded poles in the play structure.
  • A larger surface area for jumping, as well as a greater carrying capacity.
  • It comes with everything you need, including a ladder and a cover to protect it from the rain.

Things we don’t like:

  • Neither the enclosing net nor the fasteners are of particularly high quality.
  •  The trampoline must be put together multiple times, and the instructions that come with the trampoline are really unclear, which does not help matters.
  • You can be dissatisfied with the ladder due to both its quality and its size.
  • The fact that the mat feels slightly more rigid to some people is not a major cause for concern, however.

ORCC Trampoline’s Benefits to Its User:

Jumping on a trampoline has numerous advantages. Here are a few of the most important:

Improved Conditions for the Heart

Jumping on a trampoline regularly will make the muscles in your heart stronger. Your heart will be able to pump blood more efficiently throughout the body, ensuring that every cell receives the appropriate amount of nourishment and oxygen.

Your general state of health will improve as a result of this. In turn, this will assist in the burning of cholesterol inside your circulatory system, so reducing your risk of developing more heart disease.

Muscle Growth

This incredible exercise works all of your major muscles, increasing both their size and their level of strength. If you have children living with you,

encouraging them to spend regular time on the trampoline will greatly contribute to an increase in the power of their muscles.

Immune System Stimulant

The immune system is widely regarded as one of the most significant systems in the human body. It does this by producing lymphocytes, which then go on to defend the body against disease-causing infections by fighting them off.

Trampolining helps the body produce more lymphocytes, and this effect is enhanced by jumping on the trampoline.

Healthiest Exercise

The ORCC trampoline offers a risk-free type of exercise that may be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to adults.

Although certain workouts can be harmful to healthy joints, trampolines are able to efficiently absorb the effects of workouts like a cushion would. Therefore, there is very little chance of injuring either the ankle or the knee.

Bone Strengthening

Your bones’ increased density is a sign that your overall physical health is improving. Trampoline jumping on an ORCC will increase bone density because of the G forces involved.

In addition to that, it will assist in the healing of any minor fractures in the bones.

Stress Reducer

The act of jumping on this machine will cause your body to begin producing endorphins and will cause those endorphins to be released, which will result in you feeling calm and free of stress.

Therefore, many hops on the trampoline at the ORCC can be a useful form of treatment after long days at the office.

Joy and Workout

Not only can exercising on a trampoline helps you burn calories, but it will also provide you with a great deal of joy.

A much better and healthier alternative to spending time in front of computer displays is to regularly spend some time with your family jumping on a trampoline.

Maintaining a Stable Posture

To prevent falling off of an ORCC trampoline, you will need to actively activate a variety of different muscles in order to keep your balance. Your muscles will eventually develop a feeling of balance as a result of doing this.