Acon Trampoline Reviews |Is It Worth To Purchase [2023]

Acon is a Trampoline company started in 1966 in Finland as a one-man operation and is now globally recognized, having customers worldwide.

The corporation states its objective is to convey the love of bouncing and the pleasure of staying active to families globally via its Trampolines. 

They claim to have offered 24/7 customer support to their customers. The business says that they aspire to make every part of ordering, installation, buying, and operating a trampoline faster, easier, more accessible, and better. 

And we look forward to trying and testing their stuff.

You need to read the entire Acon Trampoline Review until the very end if you want to find out how effective their items are, how secure their trampolines are for both adults and children,

and what other upsides and downsides we found, besides determining whether the product is truly worth the cost. Continually, without missing a single beat.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at their trampolines to see whether the features and advantages that the firm advertises are actually there in their goods.


Acon Trampoline Reviews

Acon Air Trampolines claims to have the Finest trampolines with Exceptional performance. The ACON Air trampoline has an excellent design and an exceptional degree of construction quality,

both of which enable it to withstand consistent usage outside throughout the whole year. This trampoline offers a fantastic value for the money due to its sky-high weight capacity, fantastic bounce,

and exceptional longevity, all of which contribute to the trampoline’s premium price tag.

Acon Trampolines Quality

There is no way to hide the fact that this trampoline is made of extremely durable materials. The very robust framework is constructed from thick steel pipes that have been galvanized and then welded together.

The advantage of this is that the trampoline won’t move one inch even in the fiercest gusts or during the most rigorous jumping, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to relocate when Backyard work is required.

This trampoline is designed to endure more than simply wind; in fact, it can remain in place throughout the whole year and in any weather.

I’ve seen it endure a cold, snowy winter as well as a warm, bright summer, and it still manages to look almost as wonderful as it did when it was first purchased.

Is Acon Trampoline safe?

After reading the feedback provided by its customers, we discovered that the majority of their comments contained terms such as reliable, secure, and high-quality.

People’s primary complaint about it is that it is rather difficult to construct the enclosure; nonetheless, the vast majority of users say that once the net is firmly in place,

both children and adults are able to bounce off of it without causing it to move. The only way that it could possibly get safer for you is if you invested in a tie-down system or an anchoring apparatus. Those will need to be acquired on a different occasion.

Acon Trampolines Setup and Assembly

It took some time to install this trampoline, but that is to be anticipated when you are putting together a piece of equipment that is of such high quality and durability.

The fact that a tool to join the springs is supplied, despite the fact that it is somewhat flimsy, is a pleasant relief given that attempting to join the springs without such a tool would be nearly impossible.


The instructions, on the whole, are understandable; nonetheless, I would advise reading them well before getting started. When installing the enclosure net,

it’s easy to make a mistake, and trust me when I say that you don’t want to have to do this work more than once! Therefore, it’s important to follow both the step-by-step guide and the photographs that accompany them.


During the installation process, you will need to weave the safety net to the jumping mat. This will ensure that there is no space for young hands and feet to become pinched or caught in the net.

In addition to this, the springs are linked outside the enclosure net, which is another safety aspect that I’m positive other parents will find to be reassuring.

What is The Weight limit on Acon Trampolines?

This trampoline is amazing after it has been assembled. It does not have a weight limit for a single user; rather, it has an overall weight limit of 800 lbs., which is more than adequate for an entire group of children and even a few adults, as well.

The bounce is fantastic, and despite the strain of my entire family jumping at the same time, I never once heard or experienced any creaking in the structure.

Warranty Of Acon Trampolines

The frame has 10 years on it. Five years spent on the floor. 2 years on the safety pad and any other components of the mat. 2 or more years of use on the springs, depending on the type of model.

That is to say, your Acon will be shipped such that you may have peace of mind that you will have a first-rate experience and be able to easily leap when it finally gets to its destination.

To top it all off, even after your warranty has expired, they still claim to have a stock of all of its spare parts available to us. Not just a portion of it, but the entire thing. Therefore,

the only thing you need to do is change what now requires an update, and that is it. There is no other way to live in a more sustainable manner while maintaining the brand-new feel of your Acon.

How Many Shapes and Sizes Available in Acon Trampolines?

The “Baby Acon” is their smallest model at 6 feet, and it goes all the way up to the king-sized Sport HD at 16 feet. In addition, there are alternatives available at 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, and 15 feet respectively. 

They Have a trampoline that will fit your demands and the needs of your family, regardless of the size of your backyard or the needs of your yard.

The Acon trampoline family was designed to grow along with you and your family as your needs change. Every model has a default, basic base look, and you may customize the accessories that come with it any way you choose. 

The Acon Trampoline is completely customizable, allowing you to add everything from safety cages to ensure that even the most extreme jumps are safe to ladders for simple access and unique trick attachments.

What Accessories Do Acon Trampolines Have?

Acon Trampoline comes with the following mentioned accessories:

  • Spring Pull Tool. 
  • Ground Anchor.
  • Trampoline Enclosure Skirt (Multiple sizes) 
  • ACON Weather Cover. …
  • Trampoline Tent (Multiple sizes) …
  • ACON Enclosure (multiple sizes) …
  • ACON Air 16 Sport HD Enclosure 
  • Trampoline Ladder

Are Acon Trampolines durable?

Trampolines manufactured by ACON Air are designed to last for years. The heavy-duty construction and high quality of these trampolines make them suitable for jumpers of any age and for usage throughout the whole year!

Incredible quality in this trampoline! Very impressed with the ease of building as well as the quality of the construction. You will invariably receive the quality that you paid for.

is Acon a Good Trampoline?

In addition to the fact that the ACON Air is guaranteed a 5-year warranty for all steel parts, the fact that everything is larger and more sturdy should offer parents confidence when investing money in this trampoline.

In the event that you do require parts because of a significant problem, components are maintained in stock, and ordering them is simple. 

This trampoline is neither the least costly nor the most expensive one on the market. Because you are purchasing a trampoline that will endure for many years, many people believe that the price is reasonable and justified.

The fact that it does not come with a ladder or any other accouterments, despite the fact that it does come with the spring pull tool, is a negative.

We strongly suggest that you get this trampoline as soon as possible if you are searching for a sturdy trampoline that can withstand being left outside throughout the entire year and that even adults can jump on.