Trampoline Size Guide-A Complete Overview [2023]

One of the most typical queries people have is, “What size trampoline should I buy?

The majority of the time, this is because you are unsure as to which size of trampoline would be ideal for your child and home. So, here’s our ultimate trampoline size guide.

You should purchase a trampoline that will fit in your yard or jumping area, which should preferably be exempt from any surrounding objects or obstructions that might lead to injury to any kid that uses the trampoline.

If you are unable to find a trampoline that will fit in your yard or jumping area, you should look anywhere else. The youngsters who will be jumping on the trampoline should be able to use it safely.

Now, we’ve got you covered with a trampoline size guide that will put your mind at ease, as well as assist you in selecting the ideal trampoline from among the many available options.

Therefore, continue reading in order to take use of the detailed trampoline size chart.


Most In-Demand Trampoline Size

You could be asking, to begin, what the most common size of a trampoline is and why that size is the most popular one for trampolines?

The 8-foot trampoline that has a safety cage is the kind that sells the most frequently. It is now the most popular size, and the reason for its popularity is because it is appropriate for children as young as four years old and can typically hold up to 75 kgs, which is equivalent to 11 stone and 8 pounds.

Therefore, children as young as four and as old as twelve should have no trouble using this.

It is the most popular size since this is the age at which children often become more active, and most people want their children to develop in an atmosphere that is secure for them.

Children may improve their coordination and balance, as well as their cognitive and verbal development by using trampolines, which are among the many wonderful health advantages they offer.

Trampoline Size Chart as Per Age:

Age Suitable Size
For 1-Year-Old  Mini Trampoline
For 2-Year-Old Mini Trampoline
For 3-Year-Old Mini Trampoline
For 4-Year-Old 4.5ft-6ft Trampoline 
For 5-Year-Old 6ft -8ft Trampoline
For 6-Year-Old 6ft – 10ft Trampoline
For 7-Year-Old 8ft – 10ft Trampoline
For 8-Year-Old 8ft – 12ft Trampoline
For 9-Year-Old 10ft – 14ft Trampoline
For 10-Year-Old 12ft – 14ft Trampoline
For 11-Year-Old 12ft – 16ft Trampoline
For  12-Year-Old 12ft Trampoline – 16ft Trampoline
For 13-Year-Old 12ft Trampoline +
For 14-Year-Old 14ft Trampoline+
For 15-Year-Old 14ft Trampoline +
For 16-Year-Old 14ft Trampoline +


Available Trampoline Sizes

  1. 8ft & 10ft Round Trampolines

If you want to get a trampoline for your children but don’t have a lot of space available, a trampoline that is 8 or 10 feet in length is definitely the best option for you to go with.

These smaller trampolines are ideal for households with children of a younger age or for households with a smaller garden or courtyard. 

Keep in mind, however, that you should never allow more than one child to jump on an 8-foot or 10-foot trampoline at the same time.

Due to the confinement of the area, it is likely that they may collide with one another, which may result in injury for both parties. The 8-foot trampoline is also lower to the ground, which means that weight is also a concern; thus, you should examine it before making your final choice. 

If you have the space and the financial means to choose a 10ft over an 8ft, you should do so since a 10ft will serve you better in the long run.

But having a trampoline even if it’s just 8 feet tall is preferable to having no trampoline at all, especially if your yard is on the smaller side.

  1. 12ft Round Trampolines

Ideal for most families with a maximum of two children. They don’t take up a lot of room, yet even larger kids or young people may bounce around on them without being hurt.

It is designed to accommodate either two little children at once or one older child at a time. This size is appealing to consumers across the widest age range.

  1. 14ft & 15ft Round Trampolines

These larger trampolines, which we refer to as “Entertainers” because of their name, are the trampoline to beat all other trampolines!

These are the trampolines that everybody buys if they have the money and the extra yard space to accommodate them. Because of their larger size,

they are not only safer but also more enjoyable, and they can accommodate more than one child or person at a time.

 If you have a big family or all of your children are 10 years old or older, then this trampoline is the perfect choice for you. A trampoline is an excellent way to keep your children entertained for hours,

and these sizes are a terrific investment if you have gregarious children who frequently bring friends around to play. If the trampoline is going to be used by only one youngster who plans to practice flips, you might find that the 12-foot model is more suitable.

  1. 7x10ft Rectangle Trampoline

A really lovely little rectangle trampoline, just the right size to fit in the space between the cubby and swing set or in the garden shed.

Trampolines of this size are attractive and small, and their applications are comparable to those of circular trampolines of 8 or 10 feet in diameter. Because of the limited space,

it is recommended that just one kid use the facility at a time. Easy installation into the ground is possible.

  1. 8x12ft Rectangle Trampoline

Kids up to the age of 12 or 13 will benefit from the great bounce provided by this trampoline. If they are interested in gymnastics, this particular trampoline is the one that is most frequently used by juniors to practice their routines.

Due to the fact that one side is shorter in length than the others, a rectangular trampoline often offers a higher bounce than, for example, a 12-foot circular trampoline.

This trampoline works wonderfully both as an in-ground model and as one that can be tucked into a corner.

  1. 9x14ft Rectangle Trampoline

This trampoline was designed specifically for children who participate in gymnastics but find that the 8×12-foot mat is insufficient for rounding out their flips, causing them to land on the safety pads rather than the trampoline mat. 

The difference is noticeable, yet it does not affect the bounce in any way, thanks to the additional two feet.

This trampoline offers sufficient space for two children who are well into their teenage years. This trampoline has a considerably thicker frame and padding than the other two smaller rectangular trampolines, making it a lot more durable construction than the two other trampolines.

  1. 10x17ft Olympic Size Rectangle Trampoline

For this one, you will need a sizable backyard, and it is not recommended for toddlers unless you are fully conscious that they will not get a good bounce out of this until they are 8 or 9 years old; it is more suited to older children.

We would recommend this size for most families to order it with the high bounce option and if height and bounce are really what the kids are after with lots of space then you will get great value from also opting for the Australian Galvanized springs.

Kids would need to be about 65-70 kgs to get the height to do a double somersault on the standard mat, so we would recommend ordering it with the high bounce option. 

Tumble mat routines and single flip routines are performed more often and are better suited to the tumble mat.

Excellent trampoline for usage by the whole family as well as for making up your own ball games.

The sturdy structure ensures that this will be a worthwhile investment for your backyard over the long run.

  1. 14x16ft Rectangle Trampoline

This trampoline is almost square, and it’s the perfect size to create a large impression thanks to its ample dimensions. Because we had four adolescents, this trampoline pretty much took over our backyard.

Even though the youngsters ranged in age from 15 to 19 and upwards, the trampoline saw a lot of usages. 

It is also the neighborhood magnet, so you should get ready to have more people hopping over the fence to have a bounce too because of it.

Because it weighs well over 200 kgs, this trampoline cannot be moved in order to mow below it; instead, the mower handles must be dropped, and mowing must be done from underneath. Again, a high-quality, thick, and sturdy frame for extended periods of enjoyable use.

A good number of cheering youngsters like to jump on this particular trampoline. Ideal for training tumbling and other skills that, if the gymnast is confident enough, may be applied directly on the floor.

This trampoline also comes with the option of having Australian Galvanized springs and High Bounce, both of which have contributed to this trampoline’s increased popularity among families.

Make sure that you educate your children on how to play properly on a trampoline, as this will lessen the likelihood that they will sustain an injury while using one.

This is something that you should do regardless of the size of the trampoline that you decide to purchase for your family.

What Size Trampoline Should I Buy?

Now that you know the many sizes of trampolines that are available, the question that remains is, which trampoline is the most appropriate size for me to purchase?

You combined the answers to the two questions I asked before,  the size of your garden. in addition, how old are the youngsters who will be using the trampoline, and how many of them will be utilizing it?

The above guide included a listing of all available trampoline sizes, ranging from trampolines with a height of 6 feet to those with a height of 15 feet or more.

It provided information about the ages of children who may safely use each different kind of trampoline, the typical or commonly reported weight capacity, and whether or not the purchase of a trampoline enclosure is an absolute must to go along with your trampoline.