How to winterize a Trampoline? Trampoline Winter Care [ 2024]

 Winterizing a trampoline is not a very difficult and time-consuming task. You can get a lot of benefits with little effort. If you want to know how to get benefits from winterizing a trampoline or how to winterize a trampoline, then you are at the right place.


How To Winterize a Trampoline

  • Clean Properly
  • Remove Frame Pads
  • Remove All Nuts
  • Remove Jumping Pads
  • Taking Care Of Other Parts

But before going forward, you must know what is winterization and why it is essential?

Winterization is a process by which you can keep your trampoline safe even during harsh winters. During winters, cold winds, snowfalls, and excessive rain can damage your trampoline. You can save your trampoline by winterizing it.

Let’s discuss step by step how to winterize a trampoline.

Clean Properly 

Before winterizing the trampoline, it is crucial to clean the trampoline. Clear all dust and debris from the trampoline with a soft cloth or soft bristles brush.

Remove Frame Pads

This is the first step in winterization. It is straightforward to remove them. You can fold them or shelter them in any storeroom. If you don’t want to remove cushions, then correctly cover them with weather cover. Your primary purpose is to protect the frame pads from moisture.

Remove all Nuts and jumping Pads

Jumping pads are essential to remove because snow can accumulate on jumping pads and can damage them. If you leave jumping pads in the snow falling, then ice on it can distort their strength and elasticity and can also untie their strings.

But in case if snow freezes on it, then don’t something harsh to remove snow. Use soft object or use ice shovels that are made in such a way that it removes ice but does not damage things.

Taking care of other parts

After removing jumping pads, springs, and nuts, store them in the proper place. Your storehouse will be best to keep trampoline. But if you don’t have enough space to move the trampoline to the inside of the house, then don’t be a worry. You can keep your trampoline outside. But in this case, you have to give some time to clear the trampolines daily to avoid any damage.

Clean off snow every day, if any.

Remove moisture from jumping pads as it can cause mold growth, which is also detrimental to health.

A weather cover is the best way to protect your trampoline outside. These weather covers are not very expensive. You should also clean the weather cover daily.

Trampoline covers for winters 

A variety of trampoline covers are available in the market today. These covers can protect trampolines, especially in the case if your trampoline is placed outside in the balcony or backyard. It can also be used in case if you don’t want to disassemble the trampoline.

A weather cover is the best way to protect your trampoline outside. These weather covers are not very expensive. You should also clean the weather cover daily.


Jump sports trampoline weather cover

This is the best trampoline cover in the market which is available at a reasonable price. It helps to protect your trampoline from extreme weather and ultraviolet radiation. It is provided with a 90 days warranty.

Sky Walker trampoline cover

This trampoline cover is composed of waterproof and UV resistant material. It is the first trampoline cover regarding its high-quality material. It weighs 12.13 pounds. It can easily fit on even a 12-foot trampoline.

Trampoline anchor kit

Anchors are specially designed for those areas where winds blow at a faster rate. Trampoline anchors can keep your trampoline in a fixed position towards the ground so that it may not be blown away by the winds. Trampoline anchors are a right choice for high wind covers. If you belong to this kind of area then you should go for it.

Best Trampoline anchor kit to use

Heavy-duty tie-down system

It is composed of four high-quality ties to anchor your trampoline to the ground. This anchor kit is best to use in high wind areas. It is effortless to use and consists of 100% UV resistant material.

Zero Gravity Trampoline anchor kit

It is composed of four nylon straps that screw into the ground. It is composed of high-quality steel material. A little bit expensive but perfect to protect your trampoline.

Jumping on a trampoline in winters comes up with many health benefits. During winters, levels of germs and bacteria increase inside as compared to summers. So, staying inside throughout the whole day can make you ill. It is better to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy the weather. Jumping on a trampoline is also a fun activity for kids. Children can get a lot of vitamin D by playing outside. A Child’s growing body needs nutrients. But regarding the weather conditions, you should fix the timings to jump on a trampoline to free yourself from diseases.

Weather consideration


But before using a trampoline in winter you must consider the weather. If there is moisture in the atmosphere then you should take proper measures to protect the trampoline from humidity. If the heavy wind is blowing then you should anchor the trampoline with a trampoline anchor kit.

However, if the light breeze is blowing then you can enjoy it on the trampoline. Even then dirt should not be allowed to freeze on it.

Final words

Everyone is looking for ways to spend winters happily. Backyard Trampoline is the best method to enjoy.  But it requires regular maintenance and little effort. It is not a very big problem. As you can get lots of advantages by doing this extra little effort