Is Sycamore Good Firewood | Guide For Firewood [2023]

Burning wood is one of the best ways to keep the home temperature regular. We have plenty of options related to firewoods, but what about the Sycamore? You may also have a lot of sycamore trees on your property and think about using them as firewood this winter.

But it would help if you found out if is Sycamore good firewood or not?


is Sycamore Good Firewood

Sycamore is not excellent firewood due to its low heat output its BTUs are 24.1 million per cord Of Seasoned Wood. Moreover, it takes a longer time for seasoning instead of all other great Firewoods. It has higher moisture content and is difficult to split.

If you have Sycamore common in your area, you can use it as it is not good firewood like oak and many other hardwoods. But some facts allow you to use it as firewood.

Types Of Sycamore Trees


Usually, different types of trees refer to the Sycamore, but all of them have various purposes. The actual sycamore tree is tolerant to pollution and essential for windbreaks. It is the best option for woodworking and art pieces. However, the Sycamore has cream-colored timber, and sometimes it gives golden and yellow hues.

The primary usage of Sycamore is in creating musical instruments and furniture. Now it also helps in wood flooring according to modern trends.

Some particular types of sycamore trees also have grains that are effective for decoration purposes.

Beyond all these purposes, is it a practical option for firewood? So you can use it as firewood, but it is less suitable and effective than other hardwoods.

Burning Sycamore Wood

Sycamore is good as firewood but not suitable for all the conditions like outdoor or indoor. For example, if your situation or party has shallow temperatures, using Sycamore as firewood is not good. But if the temperature is not too low and there is a moderate cold situation, consider Sycamore as a good option.

In shallow temperatures, choose some other hardwood like oak for maintaining the temperatures.

However, if we talk about all other factors, then Sycamore burns quickly. You don’t need to put a lot of effort into burning the Sycamore. It provides a moderate and decent amount of heat similar to elm, walnut, and red maple wood. The heat condition of Sycamore is less than the oak or ash trees.

You can also use the Sycamore on other hardwoods and get the ambient amount of heat.

Seasoning Time of sycamore firewood

Seasoning is one of the critical factors in burning sycamore firewood. It would help if you were patient with the wood sycamore from any tree. It is a fact that moisture in woods makes them poor firewood. So let it take the proper time for seasoning before the burning season.

Some woods take a pretty long time to dry than others. Similarly, Sycamore is in the same boat for seasoning time. Besides seasoning, Sycamore is a heavy wood, and when it is wet, it is cumbersome. But, conversely, it gets lighter after drying when its moisture level is low.

However, sycamores take a longer time to season. In addition, Sycamore has a high moisture content that makes it difficult to burn and take in the light. Therefore, proper seasoning is preferable for making it suitable for firewood.

If you want perfectly dried firewood, then it is preferable to take the moisture meter. Keep in mind that perfect sycamore firewood has less than 20% moisture content. So it helps you know if it is safe for burning or if you need more seasoning time.

BTU Of Sycamore Firewood

sycamore BTU level is around 19.1 BTUs. If we talk about the weight of the sycamore cord, then it is under 3k pounds. So overall, the heat level of sycamore firewood is not too high. But if you burn it by combining it with other firewood, you will get a good amount of heat.

BTU rating has a significant role in deciding the type of firewood. The heat content of Sycamore or any other tree is based on its cord. Therefore, it helps you determine the heat level of Sycamore.

Splitting of Sycamore Firewood

Splitting of Sycamore is one of the highlighted problems if you consider it firewood for your home. However, Sycamore firewood has some other minor problems, and splitting of Sycamore is a significant issue.

However, now you have a wide availability of wood splitting tools in the market. If you have the proper tools, splitting sycamore firewood is a struggle in breaking. However, the industrial instruments will split the sycamore firewood quickly and cut it into the right pieces according to the requirement in less time.

Sycamore Firewood weight

When Sycamore is green and fresh without seasoning, then it is heavy. But after seasoning, when water evaporates and has less than 20% moisture content, its weight reduces. So its moisture content and weight help you indicate whether it is ready to burn or not.

Burn Qualities of Sycamore Firewood

Now you know that sycamore firewood has some good but also has negative qualities. So let’s look at the burning rates of sycamore firewood that help you understand it in a better way.

Heat output of sycamore Firewood

Sycamore doesn’t have sound heat output. It is the essential burning characteristic of firewood, but sycamores have some lack in it. However, heat output is not the only factor that matters the most in burning it.

The smoke of Sycamore 

The smoke of the Sycamore has a moderate spectrum. It doesn’t produce more heat and smoke. But the smoke quantity of Sycamore is more than the Ash and Oak.

However, it is less smoke than some other hardwoods like Pine and Maple. If it produces high smoke, then it becomes a sign that Sycamore is not thoroughly dried. Ensure that Sycamore burns after the complete seasoning to get less smoke and adequate heat amount.

The smell of sycamore

Many firewoods are famous due to their soothing smell like walnut and many more. However, if you ever smell the cherry and hickory firewood smell, it is prominent and elegant. The smell of the firewood has a direct connection with the fragment and flavor of the wood.

Now move towards the smell of sycamore firewood that is fine and similar to the campfire. It doesn’t smell bad like Buckeye when you feel irritated. But nobody can like its smell.

Coals of Sycamore Firewood

Coals of the firewood are another factor to determine its burning qualities. It is a fact that when we burn any firewood, it will produce coals. But the fire continuity depends on the quality of coals.  The firewood that has a high BTU output will give more coal. So the Sycamore has good coal, but it is not great like any other firewoods like cherry and elm. Both of them have lower heat quality but give better quality coals than Sycamore.

Creosote Build-Up 

It is an essential burning quality if you are using sycamore firewood for your home chimney. In addition, prevent creosote buildup is crucial in maintaining cleanliness.

The creosote is the black tar built on the surface by wood smoke inside the chimney wall. The small amount of creosote is not an issue, but it can be dangerous to create a significant buildup.

However, sycamores have low sap, so they emit less creosote like pine.

Still, if you fear building creosote by sycamore firewood, then ensure that you maintain your stove and chimney. Clean it regularly and burn fully seasoned firewoods.

It is the moderate type of firewood that doesn’t give the most heat. So it is suitable for less cold weather. You can burn it with some other hardwoods that have a high level of heat. It helps you get better results. Besides all the facts and factors, proper seasoning is essential for all types of hardwood, including sycamore firewood.