Is Sugar Maple Good Firewood?

Sugar Maple trees are often associated with Maple syrup but there is much more to be known. It’s Also Known As Maple Sweet, Rock Maple, Hard Maple, and Birdseye Maple.

One of the most common reasons to choose Sugar maple as firewood is that it is Easy to use.


Is Sugar Maple Good Firewood?

The Sugar Maple Firewood is the best choice to be used due to its Many features. It also provides good heat and Produced 26.1 Million BTUs Per Cord and has a lower density compared to other Firewood . It smells good and Has a Sweet Aroma Due to Its Sap Content.


Sugar Maple is readily available in Eastern Areas Of North USA and Canada.

Sugar Maple can be split in a simple manner by using a convenient and simple process. Besides this, there is a wide range of other qualities possessed by maple. It is available readily.

Is Sugar Maple a Hardwood?

Sugar Maple trees are Soft hardwood. They have beautiful colors, and the tree is also used to make maple syrup that can be used in various dishes as a sweetener.

In the northern United States as well as Canada, the Sugar maple tree is generally found. After its complete seasoning, Sugar maple wood is burned slowly and can be used as firewood.

Is Sugar Maple hard to split?

Sugar maple is known to be split hard. Usually, when the leaves of Sugar maple are green, they can be split easily by using the splitting ax. Moreover, the hydraulic log splitter can also be used in case if the leaves are not green.


While burning Sugar maple tree does not produce any spark and burns neatly and Slow. The Sugar maple tree is known to burn correctly after the proper seasoning is done.

Seasoning Sugar Maple Firewood

The seasoning time of maple firewood also depends upon the type of maple used. Due to a long time, it will rot and will also not smell good.

For burning at the optimal level, dry Sugar maple Firewood until its moisture content is removed.


The wood with the higher moisture content will over burn, which is not suitable for usage. So, buy the moisture meter and measure the moisture content of Sugar maple before burning. The Sugar maple usually takes almost more than six months to season, and to get the best quality Sugar maple,


it should be strengthened for up to two years. The best moisture content of Sugar maple wood should be between five to seven percent before burning.

While comparing with the other woods, Sugar maple takes less time and dries quickly. Thus, stack Sugar maple wood in the spring season, and after six months, they will be ready to be burned.


Sugar Maple is highly efficient because of its burning capacity.


It produces a low-blazing fire and burns steadily without creating any mess. By far, Sugar maple is known to be best used for burning purposes. It lasts for a longer duration and burns altogether.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sugar Burning Maple

There are various advantages of burning Sugar maple as firewood. The pros of burning maple are listed below.

Maple is naturally a dust eliminator. Burning maple will keep all kinds of contaminants and allergens away.

Sugar Maple is known to give off a delightful aroma while burning which seems pretty pleasant.

It is readily available in areas like the US and Canada.

Some cons of burning Sugar maple include its extreme sensitivity to high humidity and moisture. This makes the maintenance of this wood challenge.

Use of Sugar Maple Firewood In Fireplace

This great aroma is also used to smoke meat and can also be used in the Indoor fireplace. In burning wood stoves, they produce steady burns that make them an excellent option to use in the fireplace.


There are various firewood species that one can choose from, and it provides high heat, so it is the best choice for firewood. Overall, the Sugar maple is the favorite choice of many people.

Is Sugar Maple Firewood Expensive?

Sugar maple firewood is not generally expensive, although it cost a little, still being the best option to consider for firewood people who use maple. The Sugar maple firewood cost is less compared to other firewood that includes oak, walnut, or cherry.


Moreover, Sugar maple firewood cost also depends upon the season and the area in which you are living. The best option is to cut and season your Sugar maple as it is very cost-effective. In this way, money can be saved, and most importantly, the quality of Firewood will be outstanding.


But in the case of the direct purchase, Sugar maple firewood is not as expensive and can be found anywhere, but makes sure to choose the perfect one.

Processing and Heating Value

Sugar Maple firewood has a comparatively higher heating value As Compared to Other Maple Species. and a proper time is also needed to burn these Sugar maple trees completely.


Sometimes maple wood has an average heating value depending upon the type and can also be separated easily.


Their heating value is relatively higher, so people mostly prefer to use them. Furthermore, Sugar maple has excellent characteristics and can be found in various areas, mainly in the United States.


Besides its many other features, the cost is something that’s the main reason for its high demand. The cost of Sugar maple is comparatively lower than other trees that can be used as firewood. So, if you are looking to choose the best firewood, our advice is to go for Sugar maple Firewood.