Is Norway Maple Good Firewood?

Norway Maple Is a Fast Growing Shade Tree. It Is Native To Europe and Eastern Asia But Also Grows as a Shade Tree Throughout North America as a Replacement For the Elm Trees That were lost to Dutch elm Disease in the Middle of the 20th Century.
Norway Maple is Commonly Used For Woodworking And Flooring But Also Use as Firewood. It Grows In Different Soils and Conditions.
Is Norway Maple Good Firewood? Norway Maple Firewood Is Medium Quality Firewood as Compared To Sugar Maple. Its Burn Well and Produce 24.1 Million BTUs Per Cord. It’s Firewood used For Kindling and Mix With Other Hardwood.
Norway Maple is readily available, It also provides good heat and has a lower density as compared to other firewood.
Can also handle it easily. It smells good and can be split in a simple manner by using a Simple process.


Is Norway Maple Easy to Split

Yes, Norway Maple is very easy to split, Usually, when the leaves of Norway maple are green, they can be split easily by using the splitting ax.
Moreover, the hydraulic log splitter can also be used in case the leaves are not green.
While burning Norway maple tree does not produce any spark and burns neatly. The Norway maple tree is known to burn Clean after the proper seasoning is done.

Is Norway Maple a Hardwood?

Norway Maple trees Sit Between Soft and hardwood. In the northern United States as well as Canada, the Norway maple tree is generally found.
It Grows very Fast and is Normally Used as a Shade Tree. After its complete seasoning, the Norway maple tree is burned slowly and can be used as firewood.
The types of maple that can be used as firewood include hard, red, Norway Maple, sugar, black and silver maple.

Seasoning Time Of Norway Maple Firewood

Norway Maple Dry Very Quickly If Stacked Properly. its Normally Takes 6 Months to 1 year To fully Dried.
Norway maple is a good wood to burn and burns clean when seasoned with no stinky odor. It is good for cooking also. Norway Maple is rated as non-durable, and susceptible to insect attack.
Due to a long time, it will rot and will also not smell good. For burning at the optimal level, dry Norway maple wood until its moisture content is removed. The wood with the higher moisture content will overburn, which is not suitable for usage.
The hard maple usually takes almost more than six months to season,

Use of Maple Firewood In Fireplace

Norway Maple is odorless and is also used to smoke meat and can also be used in the fireplace. In burning wood stoves, they produce steady burns that make them a good option to use in the fireplace.
There are various Maple firewood species that one can choose from, and it provides high heat, so it is a good choice for firewood.

Is Maple Firewood Expensive?

The Norway maple firewood is not generally expensive, its Easily Available In Europe, Asia, and North America. still, the Good Option to consider for firewood is the people who use Norway maple.
The Norway maple firewood cost is less compared to other firewood that includes oak, walnut, or cherry. Moreover, Norway maple firewood cost also depends upon the season and the area in which you are living.
The best option is to cut and season your Norway maple as it is very cost-effective. In this way, money can be saved, and most importantly, the quality of Norway maple will be outstanding.

Processing and BTUs Value Of Norway Maple 

Norway Maple firewood has a comparatively higher heating value, and proper time is also needed to burn Norway maple trees completely.
It Burns Clean and Last Longer If Mixed with Other Hardwood. Also Used in Indoor Fireplace and wood stove Due to its Odorless Characteristic.

How To Fire Norway Maple?

The procedure to fire Norway maple is simple. The first step is to take the ax, divide Norway maple using it, and burn it. After cutting:
1. Build the base of the trunks where you can put the divided pieces of Norway maple.
2. First of all, fill the space with various things: newspapers, wood shaving, and flammable material that facilitate Norway maple’s burning process.
3. Place Norway maple pieces on the base, and by using the ignition, fire.
4. Depending upon the requirements, add more logs of Norway maple.
This step to step process makes it easier for anyone to split Norway maple and fire it. So, you no longer need to be an expert to be able to fire Norway maple Firewood.
Norway Maple Firewood is a Fairly Good Choice If You Don’t Have Many Options.
its Burns Clean and slowly After Proper Seasoning also Easily Available In Many Areas.
Norway Maple is Also an Inexpensive Choice.