Is Silver Maple Good Firewood?

Silver Maple is Fast Growing Tree In USA and Canada So it’s Easily available and worth Using as Firewood. It’s Lived up to 130 years,
is Silver Maple Good Firewood? The heat out Put Of Silver Maple is Medium Quality. silver maple Produces 20.1 million BTUs per cord so it is fairly enough to warm up your home in winter.
Silver maple does not produce much spark and smoke so it’s a safe firewood choice.
Silver maple is also known by many names like creek maple, silver leaf maple, soft maple, and white maple.


Is Silver maple Hardwood?

 Silver maple is medium hardwood but it is not a softwood. it’s a Low-density Firewood.

Splitting of Silver maple

Smaller parts of silver maple are split easily .trunk of silver maple is very difficult to split so you can use a mechanical or water splitter.
Splits small pieces of Silver maple logs small pieces dry fast and ready for burning in fall.

Sap content of silver maple

 Sap content in silver maple is low as compared to other maple species. So due to low sap, there is No Sweet smell in silver maple like sugar maple. it smells Neutral.

Moisture level

 Silver maple is a High moisture level like other maple species but its dries quickly and does not become an issue while burning. silver maple does not produce much smoke and spark if seasoned properly.

How long does To Season Silver maple?

 Silver maple is ready for burning if seasoned for 1 year, but 18-month seasoned silver maple is Provide a Good heat output.
You Can also season it for an extended period because it is not rot-prone like other maple species. It grows in a moist and dry environment.

Heat output and Efficiency of silver maple

 The heat output of silver maple is 20.1 million BTUs per cord so it is medium-quality firewood as compared to other maple trees. It also burns quickly so not provide heat for a longer period of time you can use it with other hardwood for better heat and longer burning time.

Burning of Silver maple

Due to low Sap content silver maple will not crack or pop when burnt in the fireplace, so it is an ideal choice for an indoor fireplace or firepit.

Some characteristics of silver maple


Amount of smoke

Silver maple is clean-burning wood. It will not make smoke due to low sap content,
It is also a low-density wood so the smoke Produced by Silver maple is not Sweet like sugar maple and not Safocating like some Pine Varieties.

Creosote buildup

Due to the Very Low Moisture Level and Sap Content, Silver Maple Firewood Is Not Create Much Tar like Creosote in the chimney.
Remember unseasoned firewood Produce Creosote so Dry Your Firewood Properly Before Burning it in the Fireplace.

Does Silver Maple Produce Coal?

Silver maple Will Not Create Good Coal Like Other Maple Species But it Still, Better Enough To Help Silver Maple Fire to last longer.
But Not Hot as other hardwood. So mix Silver maple Firewood With other Hardwood For the Last Longer Warmth.

Silver Maple Vs Other Firewoods

Silver maple has some Pros and Cons Due to its Low Sap and Moisture level it will Not Produce much Creosote and Smoke.
But On another hand, It’s a Low-density Firewood So Fire Produced from silver maple is not Last Longer Like Other Maple Trees,
So Mix Other Hardwoods With Silver Maple To Get Better Result.

How Common Is Silver Maple Firewood?

 Silver Maple Is Fast Growing Tree in USA and Canada so it’s Easily Available and easy to Handle.


So overall Silver Maple Firewood is a Clean Burning wood Due To Its Low sap and Moisture level Which Makes it Fairly Safe Firewood Because it Not Pop Or Crack while Burning.
but if compared to its Heat Output with other Hardwood it’s Lack Behind Because Silver maple is low-density Firewood.